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Rumoured Google Pixel Watch To Become Reality

With Google’s ongoing move into hardware with phones, tablets, speakers and laptops, there are new reports the long-rumoured Pixel Watch – codenamed Rohan – is moving into the serious prototype phase, with the aim to launch next year.

While it’s still in the background, there are some things already known about the Pixel Watch, if that’s what it will be called.

It will run on Google’s Wear OS 3 it launched with Samsung, and be set as a competitor to Apple’s smartwatches, so pricing will be very reasonable.

As for features, it will come with a heart-rate monitor as well as obvious things like step counter. There will also be Fitbit integration, an obvious move considering Google’s purchase of Fitbit in 2019. Plus, the wrist sizing will be aimed at making it accessible to as many people as possible.

While there were earlier reports the battery life on the prototype wasn’t much chop, the power in that department that Google have managed with their latest Pixel phones points to that not being an issue now.

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