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Router Sales Up 4% in 2017, Ethernet Switches Soar 11.3%

Latest data from IDC has revealed global sales of routers jumped 4% [year-on-year] in 2017, to US$15.2 billion. Global sales of Ethernet switches remained strong, increasing 5.4% last year to US$25.7 billion.

The Asia Pacific region (excl. Japan) posted the strongest sales growth of Ethernet switches, a notable 11.3% annual increase compared to the previous year.

During Q4Y17, the Chinese Ethernet switch market cross the US$1 billion mark for the first time in a single quarter.

Vice President of Network Infrastructure at IDC, Rohit Mehra, affirms the global Ethernet switch market is continuing to “rapidly mature”:

“The Ethernet switching market continues to rapidly mature with customers quickly moving to higher 100GbE speeds, especially in datacenter deployments”

“While different regions are in varying stages of maturity viz-a-viz public and private cloud growth, the market is clearly looking to capitalize on new infrastructure rollouts, which is helping to drive vendor revenue growth.”

During 2017, the global service provider and enterprise router market climbed 4%. The service provider segment drove the majority of growth (jumping 5.7%), whilst the enterprise sector notched a 1.1% decline.

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