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Razer Founder Robert ‘RazerGuy’ Krakoff Has Died

The man behind the first ever gaming mouse and co-founder of gaming hardware brand Razer, Robert Krakoff, has passed away at the age of 81.

Known by many as “Razerguy”, Krakoff was responsible for the first ever gaming mouse in 1999: the Razer Boomslang. The invention of the mouse launched the company into wide success as a gaming hardware brand and made the gaming mouse a must have staple for any PC gamer.

Credit: TurboSquid

Razer was not a company until 2005, and at the time of the mouses release, were a trademarked brand of Kärna. The Boomslang made use of the companies opto-mechanical encoding wheel, which could track movements at 2000 dpi.

Following Kärna’s bankruptcy in 2001, Krakoff and current CEO Min-Lian Tan founded Razer as a company. Krakoff was very personal and kind to his customers and would message every person who bought a Razer product, responded to fans, and give small time journalists opportunities to interview him, regardless of the lack of impact it may have for Razer.

Razer were also behind the first ever left-handed gaming mouse, reflecting Krakoff being a leftie, as well as the Razer Mamba wireless mouse, which while expensive, Krakoff claims was released to push the innovation, and encourage gamers to buy cheaper mice from Razer.

Razer have made a statement on Twitter, announcing the passing of the co-founder.

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