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Rings Of Power Streamed By Over 100 Million Viewers

Amazon has announced a new viewership record, with more than 100 million viewers streaming 24 billion minutes of the world’s most expensive TV series The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, Amazon announced at its Q4 2022 earnings report.

Still, that still trails Netflix’s most popular English-language series the fourth season of Stranger Things, which was still behind Korean phenomenon Squid Game’s record of 1.650 billion hours streamed by 298 million hours.

Other major players on the streaming front stand with the first two episodes of The Last Of Us with 21.3 million viewers for HBO, as well as House Of The Dragon landing an average of 29 million viewers for season one. It should be noted this includes both streaming and linear TV so it’s not directly comparable, and HBO have not provided data for minutes streamed.

Meanwhile, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story notched up 51.4 billion minutes, The Witcher season one 32.5 billion, and Wednesday season one 74.2 billion

Amazon have signed The Rings Of Power for a second season, but haven’t announced a release date.

To put these numbers into perspective it’s worth noting Netflix has more than 230 million subscribers around the world, while amazon say they have more than 200 million Prime members, most of which have access to Prime Video but don’t necessarily use it.

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