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Review: Tile Stickers That Really Stick

Tile has teamed up with the guys over at 3M to revolutionise their famous tracking devices, engineering a trackable sticker that can be easily attached to virtually anything.

Tracking devices from Tile have always impressed me with their accessibility features and simplistic design since they first launched.

Over the years, Tile’s functions and abilities have been updated, improving on their simplistic and minimalistic design, as well as its durability both structurally and in terms of longevity.

The Tile Sticker is the next step for the company as part of the recent product refresh, introduced alongside the Tile Slim, Mate and Pro, all with upgraded batteries and a classier design.

Weighing in at just 5 grams, you’ll barely notice the tiny black Tile Sticker once you attach it.

To put the tracker through its paces, I decided to attach it to my both my Peak Design 10L Sling and Messenger Bag.

Both bags see a lot of use during my commutes, moving in and out of public transport, bumping into obstacles, and being thrown around just enough to see just how sticky and secure the Tile Stickers are.

After a few weeks of testing, I can tell you, they really stick.

In four weeks of use, the Tile Sticker has not been dislodged or even moved once; it’s stuck there.

Tile recommends you ensure the surface is dry and clean of oil, dirt and dust before application.

The Sticker also works best on items that do not have significant texture or ridges, so make sure it’s a flat surface.

Furthermore, the Sticker will achieve 100% adhesion after 24-hours of cure time.

Both the adhesive and the Tile Sticker are completely waterproof for spill, splash and dunking protection.

Because the Sticker is single-use only, if removed, you will need to order a replacement adhesive. 

Luckily Tile will offer replacement adhesives sold in multipacks starting at $6 from next year.

During my use of the stickers, both trackers kept a detailed log of locations day by day, which may raise eyebrows for the privacy concerned, however to me it shows how robust the platform is.

What’s more, Tile is now compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts, meaning you can ask your voice assistant where your keys are based on the data from its last known location. Brilliant.

Beyond that the classic Tile functions are still there, including Ring Your Things, Find Your Phone and even a Community Finder page for locating lost devices.

Set up is as easy as pressing the single button on the top of the Sticker which will then play a little jingle confirming it has been paired to your Tile account via the companion app.

Within the app, you can adjust the ringtone for your Tile when you ring it, including other parameters for volume control and the proximity meter.

On the note of the proximity meter, this function will guide you towards your Tile Tracker if you need to locate it.

The range of the Tile Sticker is only 45 metres, compared to the Tile Pro’s tracking range of 120 metres.

Though considering the size of the Sticker, this is an acceptable difference in range.

I was able to ping my Tile tracker from up to 50 metres away, although this was on a flat pathway with no obstructions.

However, when it comes to battery life, unlike the refreshed Tile models, the Sticker does not have a replaceable option for its battery, which will last for roughly 3-years, so once it’s flat that’s it.


The Tile Sticker is a brilliant product that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to add a tracking device to their most valuable and most used devices.

Being able to easily and securely attach a tracking device to my daily carry gives me the peace of mind of knowing where it is at all times.

While I’ve not had to locate my bag via the tracker, I know when looking through the location history, I can retrace my steps and find it quickly.

Furthermore considering its subtle design, and small footprint, would-be thieves, would be unlikely to notice its presence in the event of a theft.

While the lack of a removable or replaceable battery is disappointing, considering the form factor of the Tile Sticker, the device would need to be much bigger to support the feature.

For a pack of two at only $60, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar tracking device with such versatility at such an affordable price.

Design: 9/10

Value: 9/10

Performance: 8/10

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