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REVIEW: 3rd Gen Ring Stick Up Cam Perfect For Pet Spying

Ring’s wire-free Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd generation) is a nifty little device which provides the right amount of security for a very affordable price.

My family received this versatile camera for Christmas and decided it was the perfect gadget for outdoor use to keep an eye on our pet Kelpie.

Set up was enormously easy – just download the Ring app and link your smartphone to it and voila¸ you can see and hear everything going on at home with the touch of a button.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is small and discreet, and despite its size it has a wide-angle view of the area it is facing.

For just $179.95, Ring has reached an important demographic with this camera – people who need and deserve quality security but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars.


The Ring Stick Up Cam is a small, cylindrical camera with the lens housed in the front of the body and a mic underneath. It’s also built on a convenient little stand so you can prop it up on any surface.

It’s also possible to mount it to a wall for a more permanent solution.

We got the camera in black, and it’s small (just 97.01 mm x 59.94 mm x 59.94 mm) and subtle enough to be tucked into the corner of a room without it being obtrusive.


For a compact little camera, the Stick Up cam has a surprisingly clear video at 1080p with Live View and Night Vision.

It also comes with Advanced Motion Detection, so the app will send a notification to your phone if there is someone or something in the area of the camera.

We placed the Stick Up cam on the barbecue on the deck, so when our Kelpie Cooper comes bounding up to the camera zone, anyone with the app received the notification: ‘There is motion on your deck’.

The camera’s field of vision is also pretty impressive at 130-degree diagonal, 110-degree horizontal and 57-degree vertical.

View from the Ring app 


One of the best features on this product is the two-way mic, which means you can call out to your pet and interact with people via the camera even if you are miles and miles away.

The external mic isn’t exactly super loud, so if you’re speaking via the app on your phone you will have to raise the volume quite a bit.

It comes with a removable battery and it lasts anywhere between 6-12 months depending on your use. It only takes a few hours to charge back up too.

The Ring app is also a fantastic companion, allowing users to watch the camera live or go back and look at the history quite easily.


Ring has a long product list of security camera, but if you’re looking for something affordable, easy to set up and simple to use – the Ring Stick Up Camera is a fantastic investment.


Compact and discreet

Easy navigation with app

Built-in mic

Good quality video


External mic a little soft


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