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REVIEW: The #Influencer Ring Light Tripod Kit Transforms Selfies From Amateur To Professional

In an #influencer world, vlogging has become a competitive sport.

And if you are an amateur or professional vlogger, YouTuber or budding Instagram influencer, you want your finger on the pulse of the social media tools market.

There are countless cheap LED ring lights on the shelves which can transform your photos with the click of a button, but the #Influencer Vlogging Essentials Studio Kit is one for the serious vloggers.

At $129, the 8-inch kit comes with a range of essential products and features for premium content production.

The kit comes unassembled in a box, but if you’re an IKEA pro like myself it won’t be too difficult to put it all together.

After about 10 mins of screwing pieces into place I had myself a professional ring light tripod with two phone holders, a camera stand, microphone arm and a selfie remote.

LED Ring Light

The biggest drawcard of this studio kit is the LED Ring Light, which comes in three fantastic lighting modes: white, neutral and warm.

After mounting my LG Velvet on the phone stand and snapping a few selfies, I was amazed at how much of a difference the light makes on photographs.

The ring-shape allows the light to diffuse your face, giving the photograph a subtle but stunning glow. The three lighting modes had slight differences which were great for different moods.

I personally found the ‘warm’ lighting mode the best for selfies, giving it a nice hue even if you are shooting in a poorly lit environment.

The light is powered by USB, which is fine for shooting in front of a computer, but if you wanted to use the ring light elsewhere it can be a little clunky to transport. The best way to use it on the go would be to buy a power bank.

You can remove the ring light from the tripod if you want to use it solo, but it doesn’t have a tiny desk stand which would be a great mechanism to make it more convenient.

The tripod can be extended to 210cm or retracted to 73cm for different use cases.

Ring light in neutral, white and warm.

Extra Features

The best feature I found was the Bluetooth remote, which allows selfies to be captured remotely. Just connect the little remote to your smartphone and you can take photographs without having to manually press the ‘capture’ button.

The remote is small enough that you can hide it in your hand when taking shots from afar, too.

This device would also be a great way to take family shots at Christmas too!

The remote needs to be charged with a micro USB cable, which doesn’t come with the kit.

For hardcore vloggers, the studio kit has two holders for dual phone mounting and even has a camera mount for the more serious budding YouTube stars.

The addition of a microphone mount took the kit a step further. It doesn’t come with a mic, so you have to BYO, but it means you have everything you need to set up a vlogging station in one little kit.

Taking a selfie using the Bluetooth remote with ‘white’ lighting mode.

















The #Influencer Vlogging Essentials Studio Kit has all the right components to transform your photo-taking or videoing experience. Without key elements such as a mic or power adapter the $129 price might seem a little steep, but the ring light quality is excellent. It’s certainly the most convenient and efficient kit on the market.

It’s available at JB Hi-Fi via this link.

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