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REVIEW: Speck Presidio Ultra iPhone X Case – Made For ‘Tradies’

Known for their portfolio of heavy-duty smartphone cases, Speck’s Presidio Ultra iPhone X Case endeavours to bring industrial strength protection to Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet.

The Presidio Ultra iPhone X Case certainly amps up the level of protection provided, however, it seems to be at the expense of a notably higher price tag, and significantly increased bulk.

The case is likely aimed at individuals working in blue-collar industries, or those who crave extreme drop-protection.

Sold in Australia from retailers such as Harvey Norman (A$79.95), Speck’s Presidio Ultra iPhone X Case is basically a combination of three separate components:

  1. The basic Presidio (Black) case (reviewed here)
  2. A removable ‘Impactium’ Ultra bumper which covers all external ports and crevices
  3. A “rugged” holster

Fitting the all the components together is relatively easy.

The main individual case is pretty robust, and offers drop protection up to 3m.

After wrapping the bumper around it, users receive up to 4.6m of drop protection.

‘Tradies’ will likely appreciate that all ports are covered. In addition to providing drop protection, the case removes the likelihood of dirt and dust getting inside.

The iPhone’s mute switch is also covered via a twisting plastic screw, which is an innovative solution, and does the job.

Volume buttons and the on/off switch are also totally covered, while still providing relatively free use.

Also covered is the lightning port. A nifty plastic tab pulls up to expose the port, which enables the iPhone X to remain flat when charging.

All in all, the Presidio Ultra iPhone X case is certainly designed for excellent drop and dirt protection.

That being said, one of the biggest drawbacks surrounds the looseness of the bumper.

It doesn’t cling very tightly to the set-up, and frequently catches onto things.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get used to the presence of the bumper, and just felt as though it made everything worse. It also significantly diminished the iPhone X’s ergonomic design, making it more difficult to carry around.

The case doesn’t have any ‘grippiness’ to its sides, and its super smooth surface makes it considerably more easy to drop, and slip out of your hands.

Someone also needs to inform Speck that holsters went out of style with the collapse of the Lehman Brothers.

Some blue collar workers may enjoy a holster – offering an accessible, yet protected phone – however this is limited to a small segment, and today’s white collar workforce will certainly not be convinced.

While the provision of a holster is a good idea, its presence limits the case to a very small market.

All in all, Speck’s Presidio Ultra iPhone X offers full coverage and brilliant 4.6m drop protection – which is worthwhile on the odd occasion its falls out of your pocket, or slips from your hands.

That being said, the case’s smooth edges and movement of the bumper, make it considerably more easy to drop, which is a notable con.

The case is certainly robust, however, is likely suited to a niche audience, and not mass appeal.

Looking on Speck’s website, reviews are largely a mixed bag, which is a further reflection of this. It’s more a ‘case’ of choosing what’s right for you.

Overall – 6/10

Performance – 6/10

Design – 6/10

Value – 6/10

Speck’s Presidio Ultra iPhone X Case is available to purchase online, and from Australian retailers such as Harvey Norman for $79.95.


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