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REVIEW: Remington’s Wet2Straight Pro Is Every Woman’s Secret Weapon

Ceramic hair straighteners have a complicated reputation in the stylist and haircare industry.

Heat damage is big issue for hair straightener customers – but personal care brand Remington has this problem solved with its flagship haircare product, the Wet2Straight Pro.

You can cut hair-drying time in half without sizzling your gorgeous tresses with Remington’s in-built moisture sensor and venting system, which intelligently detects and removes water whilst styling.

And at the delicious price-point of just $89.95, you’ll soon see why the Remington Wet2Straight Pro is an absolute must-have be in every woman’s beauty cabinet.


The Wet2Straight Pro has an unassuming design, it is quite lightweight and with a simple, plastic finish.

The soft rose-gold colour scheme gives it a stylish edge too.

The straightener has a digital temperature screen on the top plate and three buttons on the left side: + and – for heat and an on/off button. You can also control the temperature settings with 10 different options up to 230-degrees Celsius.

By pressing down on the + button for several seconds, you can activate the ‘wet’ mode, which is safe for use on recently washed, wet hair.

The Wet2Straight Pro is easy to hold and the product doesn’t overheat while you hold the plates to your hair.

It comes with a long cord so you can reach the mirror wherever your outlet might be and a small carrying sack for travel.

I would usually prefer wider plates to get more strands of hair in one pass, but it performs enough that this doesn’t really matter.


As a traditional straightener, the Wet2Pro is an affordable option which might struggle to compete against more widely-known brands such as VS Sassoon and GHD.

The plates heat up quite quickly and do a fine job of taming my messy hair after running it through the strands several times.

But as a wet-to-dry straightener, this product should have hairdryer brands shaking in their boots.

After towel drying my hair following a shower, I put the Wet2Straight Pro to the ultimate test with my thick, dark hair. My hair retains moisture easily, so I thought the product might struggle.

At first, it felt wrong clamping damp hair between the hot plates of a straightener – but I was shocked at how quickly it removed the water and completely dried my long locks without damaging the hair at all.

The plates aren’t as thick as more expensive straighteners, so it takes about two or three passes for hair to be reasonably dry and straight.

You’d need to run the straightener over thicker hair a bit more than usual to activate the wet-to-dry function.

I used it at 230-degrees and it took about 25 mins to completely dry my damp hair. A miracle, some might say!



I’ve used quite a few straighteners in my day and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to style damp hair with the Wet2Straight Pro.

If you have crazy thick, unruly curly hair, you might need to invest in something a little more expensive and powerful for perfectly straight locks – but it’s a fabulous product that does exactly what is advertised on the box.


Can be used on wet hair




Thin plates

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