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REVIEW: Pure Elan E3, The Stations Are The Same But The Device Is Better

If you hadn’t noticed, radios are still holding their own, albeit in a more modern form than a 90s beatbox but holding their own nonetheless.

The Pure Elan E3 (A$129) is a new digital radio that has landed on Aussie shores. It’s a small device that has 40 presets with an auxiliary input so if the digital radio offering is getting tedious you can switch to play your own music.


The Elan E3 has all your basic radio features, several presets for favourite stations, the option for FM radio, headphone jack and antenna.

Pressing the ‘source’ button, you’ll be given the option to press DAB, FM and AUX input.

The digital channel gives you an array of choices from your usual FM choices like Triple J or to the obscure Coles Radio.

The Elan E3 has a small 2.8-inch display menu where you can browse through digital radio stations and select the output.

When listening to the digital radio channel, clicking the select button/volume shows you what you’re listening to, the frequency, what type of music it is, signal strength and signal error and the date.

There is also an option for a kitchen timer suggesting this radio could be perfect pairing with whatever is on the menu that night.

It also has an alarm with sleep and snooze features.

The Elan E3 has the option to be powered by mains or batteries so you can take this radio on the road with you.

It might be a small device but the Elan E3 has some excellent sound outage. The radio uses a bespoke 3” full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier to ensure it plays louder and clearer.

It also comes with six equalisation settings, where users can quickly adjust the tone to make all music genres sound great. Elan E3’s bass, treble and loudness can also be adjusted to fulfil personal listening preferences.


This is a simple radio in terms of design sticking to a basic rectangle shape with a 2.8-inch display on the right and one speaker on the left.

The radio itself is a small device that can fit in the cosiest of spots in any room.

The Elan E3 is available in three colours: red, blue and grey. In the box you’ll get the device, a power cord and instructions.


This digital FM radio is $129, a mid-range price for the audio market but a tad pricier than one would hope for this type of device.


The Pure Elan 3 does its job as a digital radio and even has a surprising amount of sound considering its size.

I found the screen showing the current song playing very handy and always think it is the small things that makes a product great.

This is digital radio is intended for those who are looking for a simple product with acceptable sound and don’t need all the latest bits and pieces like smart voice control and Bluetooth connectivity.

Design 7

Performance 8

Value 7

The Pure Elan E3 is available to purchase in Australia from retailers such as Myer for A$129.00.

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