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REVIEW: Logitech MX Master 3 Maintain Product Pedigree

Since its inception in 2015, the MX Master mouse series has continued to push the boundaries of what is expected from computer peripherals, transforming the lowly computer mouse in a productivity powerhouse, able to quickly move across multiple monitors, switch between applications and execute complex gesture controls, all in one ergonomic device.

The original MX Master mouse brought an ergonomic, high-performance design that moulded to shape of your (right) hand with a wealth of buttons and gesture inputs to control anything and everything on your computer.

Its highlighting feature at the time of its initial launch was the revolutionary adaptive scroll wheel that effortless switched between click-to-click to hyper-fast scrolling.

Coupled with the advance Logitech Options software that allowed for customising the shortcut buttons, the MX Master could really do it all.

Now into its third iteration, the MX Master 3 takes everything that users love of the original design, rolling in the improvements made to MX Master 2S, and finally asks you to “meet the master”.

Logitech has doubled down, and quite frankly, over-engineered the scroll wheel with the all-new MagSpeed electromagnetic wheel, which Delphine Donne-Crock, general manager of creativity and productivity at Logitech calling it the ‘fastest, quietest and most advanced scrolling wheel to date’.

Claiming to be quick enough to scroll 1,000 lines in a second, the real-world performance is slick and undoubtedly silent, unless you want to put your ear right next to the mouse, you won’t hear a thing.

Coming from the previous two models that I have used in tandem for the last two years, the lack of physical and audible feedback from the scroll wheel is a noticeable difference, though will probably have little impact on your productivity other than reducing ambient noise and making the overall mouse experience more comfortable.

While the previous models were never loud or intrusive during daily use, the improvements made here by Logitech certainly shows the company’s commitment to manufacturing quality products that can over-achieve and go beyond its competitors.

Logitech’s latest flagship mouse is still clearly ‘designed for advanced users, such as software developers, engineers or designers’, creative types looking to be more productive.

The thumbwheel has also been updated along with the side buttons, which have been rearranged below the scroll wheel, rather than parallel, making them easier to locate and press.

The MX Master 3 provides advanced configuration within its Logitech Options software, where shortcuts can be assigned to the physical buttons and thumb scroll wheel, as well as gesture controls within the button pad on the left of the mouse.

A staple of the original MX Master, the gesture pad allows advanced control of either your Mac or PC, by holding down the button and tracking the mouse either up and down, or left and right, to execute a shortcut.

Alongside the hardware, improvements are new application-specific settings within Logitech Options.

While the program always allowed for manual application-specific settings, the MX Master 3 comes preloaded with a vast amount of shortcuts to be quickly assigned to the mouse.

As you move between programs, the MX Master 3, through the Logitech Options software, will automatically switch the related shortcuts, making for even greater seamlessness between programs, as well as avoiding needing to use a dedicated button to switch between profiles.

Logitech has replaced the micro USB port with a USB-C charging port, and they promise a massive 70 days of use on a full charge, with 3 hours of use from just 1 minute of charge.

My model is still showing full bars, however, Logitech Options does not display the battery percentage, so its anyone’s guess how much as actually depleted over my two weeks of use.

The 4000 DPI sensor resolution coupled with the Logitech Darkfield Tracking means you can use the mouse on any surface including glass (4mm minimum glass thickness), something that has been present since the first iteration of the MX Master series.

Thanks to the Logitech Flow feature, introduced with the MX Master 2S, using multiple Unifying Receiver, you can operate the mouse across three different devices from Windows, Mac and Linux.

Logitech Flow allows you to transfer text, images and files between computers, though it does require more than one Unifying Reciever to function.

The three devices can also be switched between using the Easy-switch button, located on the bottom of the mouse.

Pointer speed, scrolling and mouse sensitivity can all be adjusted with the software, as well as adjustments to the scroll wheel.

With the release of a new product, you would imagine its predecessor would receive some kind of a discount, yet the MX Master 2S is still priced identically to the MX Master 3 at $149.95.

While both products are essentially the same minus the MagSpeed Smartshift wheel and predefined application profiles inside the Logitech Options software, the lack of price point difference does make you wonder


Logitech has indeed re-invented the wheel with its latest flagship mouse, the MX Master 3, pouring what could be called unnecessary levels of engineering at the device.

Unfortunately, for the third time now, Logitech has refused to allow lefties a go at the MX Master series, with the mouse really only suitable for right-hand use.

Despite the left-handed discrimination, Logitech has achieved its goal of producing a flagship mouse that sits above the competition.

Designed for advanced users who require advanced features, the MX Master 3 brings a plethora of functionality not found in other mice not labelled gaming.

For those who want to spend the extra cash on a premium workhorse product than the $150 price tag may not be too alarming.

However, for the general users, a laptop trackpad or generic Windows mouse will do the trick.

The MX Master 3 is available from JB Hi-Fi for $149, Harvey Norman for $148 and Logitech’s website for $149.95 in black.

Value: 6/10

Design: 9/10

Performance: 9/10

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