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Retails Need Clarity On Vaccine Passports Before Reopening

Retailers are seeking clarity and a legal framework regarding shopper’s declaring their vaccination status, as they plan to reopen in the lead up to Christmas.

A number of retailers are also increasing casual staff numbers to deal with the possibility of staff outbreaks.

“We are going to have to over-employ,” Nick Scali chief executive Anthony Scali said. “If stores get shut down because someone with Covid-19 walked in those people who worked in that store will have to isolate for 14 days.

“You will have to have a reserve bench almost ready to go in, and that is the sort of planning we are doing.”

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“It is just being very clear about expectations,” Super Retail chief executive Anthony Heraghty told The Australian. “We just need to know the rules.

Like many retailers, Heraghty feels that there needs to be a government mandated ruling.

“Having incredibly crystal clear rules as early as possible would be a great help.

“I think it is unreasonable to expect individual businesses to make their own determination. It has to be a policy setting like masks or checking in.”


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