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OZ Retail Job Vacancies Plunge

New data shows Australian retail job vacancies have dropped 27 per cent since November.

According to ABS data, there are 36,400 retail jobs across Australia that need to filled, compared to 49,900 in November.

Australian Retailer Association CEO Paul Zahra warned this could just reflect the extra staff needed around retail trade.

“During Christmas, retail vacancies are typically abundant due to the high volume, fast-paced nature of trading and the need for additional staff,” he said.

“When we move into the New Year, those positions are no longer required, which results in a reduction in vacancies.”

A look at the August vacancies shows this may not be the case, with 46,100 empty jobs back then, and 40,300 retail vacancies in May, 2022.

Zahra also notes that rising cost of doing business might mean there are simply less retail job available.

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