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Report: Aussie 4G Faster Than 5G

A report from mobile analytics company OpenSignal claims Australian 4G users are receiving faster speeds than 5G users.

The company’s analysis of 5G services around the globe found that 5G users typically experienced speeds up to 2.7 times faster than on 4G, but in Australia the 5G speeds were around 80 per cent as fast.

OpenSignal collected data between April 1 and June 30 and found Australia’s 4G networks were so good that the maximum 5G speed was actually slower than 4G speeds, which were “close to the theoretical best performance of 4G”.

The company said 5G speeds would increase as the network expands its reach when more services launch using more spectrum and wider channels.

5G speeds were found to be significantly faster than 4G in the USA, Switzerland and South Korea, but in Australia the “real world experience” recorded by OpenSignal found maximum download speeds of 950mbps on 4G and only 792mbps on 5G.

Of the eight countries with active 5G networks tested, only Australia had 5G speeds slower than 4G.

Australia’s 4G speeds were found to be significantly faster speed than every other tested country’s 4G networks, and faster than some 5G networks.

Spain had roughly the same performance across its 4G and 5G networks (though 5G was still slightly faster).

Telstra has claimed 5G speeds in excess of 1 gbps, but independent attempts to replicate these speeds have so far failed to achieve the same speeds.

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