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Refurbished Tech Drives eBay Australia Boom

Shoppers looking to save a buck on laptops and refurbished tech gear have driven profits at eBay Australia, as the e-commerce giant enjoys a healthy financial future.

An eBay spokeswoman said sales of refurbished smartwatches, headphones and vacuums have skyrocketed over the past two months, while cheap laptops and appliances were snapped up in the EOFY sales.

“People took advantage of our end of financial year sales nabbing a bargain on laptops and appliances, while to make a quick buck, we’re seeing people sell pre-loved men’s fashion, video games and LEGO,” the spokeswoman said.

The supply chain issues that are hampered other online sales are leading this drive towards refurbished tech and sales stocks. As demand continues to outstrip supply, this secondary market has flourished.

These buying patterns mirror the overall market, with national retail spending hitting a record $34.2 billion for the month of May.

While both the Australian Retailers Association and the Australian Bureau of Statistics have warned these levels will soon drop off with the creeping inflation, they could also be driving the move to eBay for more cost effective solutions.



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