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Recalled HP Envy Notebook Sets Factory On Fire, Watch Video

A faulty HP Envy notebook that was being charged, has been blamed for burning an office down.

A video has emerged in the UK of an HP Envy laptop catching fire when left on charge overnight, eventually burning down the owner’s entire office.

THE notebook which has lithium-ion batteries is currently on recall in Australia.

Authorities have said that most of the electronic gadgets we use today, are powered by lithium-ion batteries and they can malfunction. When they do, they have a tendency to burn or explode and the results can be catastrophic.

Steve Paffett, the owner of the notebook and the plastic fabrication company said “I was sat at that seat where the fire started earlier that day and I swear it would have taken my face off or killed me.”

He said he was woken up by the intruder alarm for his office, which was triggered by the fire. He logged onto the CCTV app and saw the fire and called emergency services before running to the office and fighting the fire with extinguishers. By the time the firefighters arrived, the damage was done.

“The ground floor is ruined, all the stock is written off – luckily none of it caught fire, but it’s just covered in smoke – the whole building is filthy and reeks. The fire and ambulance crews were amazing and could not have done more under the circumstances. I’ve already been given a small insurance payment – just enough to continue to trade – but it’s not quite the same thing as being able to get on with your day,” Paffett told his local newspaper.