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Razer Launch Universal Gaming Controller for Android Phones

Razer has capitalised on growing mobile gaming demand prompt by the coronavirus pandemic. with the launch of its CES-award winning Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for Android. 

The mobile accessory took home two Best of CES award this January, and an iPhone variant is set to launch later this year.

The device is available now via Razer’s website for US$79.99, with local pricing and availability to be confirmed.

The Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller offers clickable analog thumbsticks alongside several other multi-function buttons and a 8-way D-way. 

Also included are two analog triggers and two bumper buttons for a ‘console-level’ gameplay experience from the portability of a mobile device.

The Razer Kishi claims to support a wide array of Android phones, with the direct USB-C connection pledging to virtually eliminate input lag for low latency gameplay. 

The device offers pass-through smartphone charging for extended cloud streaming of Android games.

The news comes after gaming makers reported burgeoning growth over amidst the coronavirus pandemic as home-bound consumers ramped up their entertainment options.

Commentators have flagged mobile gaming as a new growth area for some time, given the uptake of cloud gaming and increased capability of smartphones. 

The release of the Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller signals another market opportunity for tech accessory manufacturers to explore.

Further information and full technical specifications are available on Razer’s website here.

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