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Qualcomm Talk Up Quick Charge 4+

It’s only been a few months since their last big battery-related announcement but chipset manufacturer Qualcomm have already come out swinging with their next iteration of their Quick Charge technology.

Qualcomm say that “Since the first products came out over 4 years ago, Quick Charge technology has been included in over 130 mobile devices and 475 accessories, making it the most popular fast charging technology available by a wide margin. Quick Charge 4+ continues the fast charging innovation, providing design flexibility for manufacturers, and a diverse ecosystem of certified products for consumers. Be sure to look for Quick Charge 4+ in your next mobile device.”

They say Quick Charge 4+ will offer faster and more efficient charging, as well as reductions in the heat generated by the charging process.

Qualcomm are also talking up the chipsets advanced safety features and intelligent thermal balancing.

Importantly, where previous versions of Quick Charge come more-or-less integrated with Qualcomm chipsets, Quick Charge 4+ is actually being billed as an upgrade manufacturers can easily apply to Quick Charge 4.0-compliant chipsets.

The first phone confirmed to feature Quick Charge 4+ is ZTE’s Nubia Z17. However, as it stands, this handset looks unlikely to make it to the Australian market.

ChannelNews has reached out to ZTE for confirmation.

Update: a spokesperson from ZTE Australia confirmed to ChannelNews that the NubiaZ17 is slated as a China-only device and will not be making it to the local market.

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