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Qualcomm Take Apple M1 With Snapdragon Gen 3 For PCs

It’s clearly time for Qualcomm to beef up their share of the ARM-based PC market, announcing the exciting new 8cx Gen 3 platform, an ARM-based mobile system on chip (SoC) that should engage Apple’s M1 processor and bring new life to laptops.

The 8cx Gen 3 will be built on the 5nm platform, which Qualcomm-rival Intel hasn’t managed yet. This will mean enhanced performance in a more compact CPU die, but similar power efficiency, while consumption sticks at the same level as previous gen Snapdragon PC-based chips.

Qualcomm are also saying that, due to new prime cores, the 8cx will push out up to 85 per cent generational performance uplift, coupled with up to 60 per cent improved tested performance per watt.

Then there’s the integrated GPU, which Qualcomm are claiming 60 per cent more beef than the last gen, with the Big Game Rumble being able to run at HD at 120 frames per second.

There’s also better teleconferencing, with 15 per cent faster camera start-up time, and support for auto focus, auto white balance, auto exposure and noise cancellation through AI acceleration.

It also supports 4K HDR cam, up to four cameras, up to 24MP.

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