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Qualcomm May Invest In Arm

US chip giant Qualcomm is reportedly open to investing in UK chip designer Arm if the company’s US$40 billion sale to Nvidia is blocked by regulators.

Qualcomm’s incoming CEO, Cristiano Amon, told British newspaper The Telegraph, Qualcomm would be willing to buy a stake in Arm alongside other industry investors if SoftBank, Arm’s current owner, listed the company on the stock market instead of selling it to Nvidia.

A Nvidia spokesperson, however, said Arm needs more than an IPO if it is to achieve its full potential.

Arm’s energy-efficient chip architectures are used in 95 percent of the world’s smartphones and 95 percent of the chips designed in China.

It licenses its chip designs to more than 500 companies, which use them to make their own chips.

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