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Qantas Puts Brakes On Air Internet

Qantas is pulling back on its plan to equip all of its domestic Airbus A330 planes with inflight Internet according to David Flynn’s Australian Business Traveller Web site.

The No 1 airline had originally said the 11 Airbus 330s – which mainly fly the Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane and Perth flightrridors – would begin in early 2017 and later pushed that back to “early 2018”.

Now it’s saying the program won’t start until 2019 and it will be early 2020 before all 12 are fitted with Internet facilities.

Oz Business Traveller says Qantas’s decision will disappoint many business travellers who regularly tackle the popular east-west routes spending around five hours each way – often the better part of their working day – in the air but out of touch with the office.


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