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UXC Connect To Integrate iPads For Enterprise Solution

UXC Connect To Integrate iPads For Enterprise SolutionThis will allow the company to incorporate the iPad as part of a total solution for the enterprise by offering a full range of transformation and system integration, security and managed service solutions.

UXC Connect’s implementation of the iPad as a business tool is a significant addition to the company’s client service offering and reinforces its specialisation in the delivery of ICT services and Integration solutions for business sustainability.

This will help UXC Connect’s customers increase workplace productivity through more effective collaboration, improve the mobility of the workforce and reduce the impact of daily business on the environment.

UXC Connect’s Managing Director, Paul Timmins said, “UXC Connect has seen a significant increase in organisations’ desire to embrace Apple products alongside their ‘standard’ corporate environment. A great example of this is the high adoption of the iPhone by corporate users. We see this trend continuing with the iPad as a device that corporate users will want to integrate into their working environment to improve productivity. We see great potential for the iPad as a content delivery platform in industry sectors such as health, education, utilities and government.”

UXC Connect will leverage the resources of the greater UXC group in taking the iPad to enterprise and government customers. The company is working with UXC Group brands to provide clients with customised application development and integration for SAP, Oracle and Microsoft enterprise offerings on the iPad platform.