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Q3000i Awarded 5 Stars By What Hi Fi

The complete range of Q Acoustics Q3000i products have all been awarded 5 stars by the highly regarded review site What Hi Fi, continuing the 5 star winning streak the company has enjoyed since April 2018.

The rating reflects the Q3000i’s flexibility and ease of use without sacrificing sound quality when compared to similar products.

In their review, What Hi Fi has predicted even more positive wins in Q Acoustics future, writing “With the 3050is, Q Acoustics has reaffirmed its position within the midrange floorstander market.

“As the 2018 Awards draw ever nearer, it certainly bodes well for the company…

“They are excellent value and have a wonderfully punchy, and dynamic sound.”

What Hi Fi isn’t the only full marks review that Q Acoustics has received, with Trusted Reviews ranking the range 5 out of 5 earlier this year, praising the continued development the speaker company puts into their products.

“Q Acoustics has done it again. The 3020i are a shining example of a product done right, and then improved further with lessons learned” wrote Trusted Reviews.

These insights are supported by further reviews from CNET, with industry heavy weight Steve Guttenberg commenting “The Q Acoustics 3050i is a keeper — I love it for its power and its way with vocals; it’s an easy speaker to listen to for hours at a time.”


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