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Q3 PC Shipments Flat, Consumer Segment “Weak”

Latest numbers from Gartner reveal the global PC market remained flat in Q3, notching two consecutive quarters of “modest stability”, after six years of declining growth.

During Q3Y18, global shipments climbed 0.1% year-on-year to 67.2 million.

Asia Pacific shipments were up 0.3% YoY to 24.3 million. Gartner claims regional growth stems from commercial demand, whilst the consumer segment remains “weak”.

Despite sluggish consumer growth, Asia Pacific demand in the mid-range to premium PC segment remains consistent.

Lenovo has retained top spot in the worldwide PC market, with a market growth of 10.7%. Results mirror commercial growth, coupled with its joint venture with Fujitsu.

Gartner Principal Analyst, Mikako Kitagawa, asserts PC growth has continued to rely on the commercial sector, with the Windows 10 update tipped to spark replacement demand until 2020.


Kitagawa claims Intel’s CPU shortage may influence PC shipments, however, will not result in any “lasting impact”:

“While this shortage will have some short-term impacts, Gartner does not see any lasting impact on overall PC demand”

“Current expectation is that the shortage will continue into 2019, but Intel will prioritise the high-end CPU as well as the CPUs for business PCs. In the meantime, AMD will pick up the part of the market where Intel cannot supply CPUs.”

Despite Lenovo’s reign, Dell has achieved its 10th consecutive quarter of shipment growth – notching 5.3% in Q3.

Further information is available on Gartner’s website here.

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