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Q Acoustic Active Speed Camera Speakers Not Available Till Q2 2021

Audio dealers who are being asked to order the new Q Acoustic active bookshelf speakers face not getting the new stock till April 2021.

According to sources Q Acoustics have preannounced the $3,119 pair of speakers that look like a pair of Council speed detection cameras hoping that dealers place orders for the Australian market ahead of them giving the go ahead to their Chinese manufacturers. The stands for the new Q Acoustic offering are an addition $700.

Recently Q Acoustics agreed to take responsibility for returns of their current range of speakers after Melbourne based distributor The Indy Group dropped the product because of a failure by the struggling UK Company to deliver “supply consistency.

Shortly afterwards the brand was picked up by Busisoft who did not want to take liability for faulty Q Acoustic products previously sold by The Indy Group.

This is despite Australian Competition & Consumer laws indicating that the manufacturer not the supplier of goods to retailers have to take responsibility for warranty claims on their products.

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