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Prime Minister Turnbull’s BMW Can Be Hacked Claim Chinese Researchers

Days after BMW fired Ogilvy in Australia, the big German auto Company is defending claims that BMW’s onboard computer system is flawed.

In Australia the Prime Minister is driven around in a BMW 7 Series, that could easily be hacked claim a Chinese security research Company.

Keen Lab – a division of the Chinese technology giant Tencent – began its investigation in January 2017 what they discovered was that the OS in BMW cars contain 14 separate flaws, that affect partial control of affected a vehicles while in use.

The researchers identified the problem by plugging in infected USB sticks, as well via contactless means including Bluetooth and the vehicles’ own 3G/4G data links.

BMW AG has said that they are working on a fix.

The Chinese Company claimed that while doing research into the drive technology of BMW’s they discovered the vulnerabilities in three different parts of the cars’ electronics, they include:

the internet-connected infotainment systems – which provide sat-nav guidance, radio-station playback, car diagnostic information, and in some cases voice-recognition services

the telematics control unit – the electronics and software that allow a vehicle’s location to be tracked

the central gateway module – the information bridge that controls the flow of data between the vehicle’s various electrical components

The researchers are holding back their full findings until 2019, to give BMW more time to tackle the problems.
Keen Lab says that it was able to simulate remote attacks on BMW cars

But they described one scenario in which a rouge mobile data transmitter could be used to exploit vulnerabilities in the infotainment and telematics parts.

“Technically speaking, it’s possible to launch the attack from hundreds of metres, even when the car is in the driving mode,” they wrote, adding that attackers could then create “backdoors” to inject diagnostic messages that could in turn affect the driver’s control.
Several models of BMW cars are said to be affected, including at least some of its i, X, 3, 5 and 7 Series which is the same model used by Malcolm Turnbull.

BMW has verified all the reported vulnerabilities and awarded Keen Lab with an “IT research” prize earlier this week for its work.