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POSmusic Lets Retailers Connect With Customers Through Music

New marketing platform POSmusic will allow brands to create their own music apps to engage and connect with customers.

Branded music apps are designed by POSmusic to match the look and feel of retailers. The apps are powered by Spotify, with POSmusic working with brands to create a ‘signature sound’ from a database of over 40 million songs.

The platform is designed to allow customers to listen to and share new music discoveries from within a branded app while gathering insights and data about customers and how they are engaging.

“Music builds advocacy in an authentic and meaningful way, particularly with Millennials,” said POSmusic CEO Harley Sedman.

“It’s an effective channel for marketers, especially when technology such as ours has advanced to the point where businesses can better track the return of investment in music as a marketing tool.”

POSmusic has already begun working with brands including Ben and Jerry’s, Quicksilver and Schnitz. Technology driving the platform is able to improve music selections based on customer data, feedback from staff, and music trends in specific locations.

The company said it’s technology can benefit retailers and venues of any size. More information can be found on the POSmusic website.

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