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Popular Logitech Gaming Mouse To Get Firmware Update

Logitech has rolled out a new firmware update for its well-known G Pro X Superlight 2 mouse this week, which will enable 4kHz response rates.

The higher rate has been designed for high DPI / low in-game sensitivity players, for esports PC games, which are what this mouse series is targeted towards.

A higher polling rate means when a frame is rendered, the gamer gets a recent, accurate cursor position on the screen.

Time delay between cursor and where its displayed is reduced more, the higher the polling rate is.

A 4kHz polling rate doesn’t mean a mouse is constantly providing 4,000 updates a second, but it does mean it is capable of it.

YouTuber Optimum, known for in-depth PC gaming tech videos investigated higher polling rates recently, and found the user will need to set a DPI of 1,600 or more to reach the peak saturation point, to force the mouse to update enough to take full advantage of the 4kHz mode.

If the user wants to enable this though, the firmware update is available through the G Hub app. The mouse will need to be plugged into the PC, as both the wireless receiver and mouse will get updated firmware.

It’s important to note the 4kHz mode will take up more battery life.

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