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Popular Kitchen Appliance Slows Wi-Fi Speeds

According to a new report, a common kitchen appliance could be responsible for that stuttering Netflix stream.

Virgin Media has just revealed that the humble microwave could be interfering with your wireless internet connectivity.

The report, which was released in the UK, says that the summer months are particularly bad for connection, as more people spend time outside and there are more barriers between the signal and the user, microwaves included.

“Be aware of stuff that impacts the strength of your signal – walls, doors, microwaves and even fish tanks. Try to position the hub so it has the clearest possible path to your green space,” said Virgin Media in an email to its users.

Microwaves emit the same frequencies as Wi-Fi when in use, and thus interfere with your connection. Virgin Media advise that users turn their microwaves off when not in use.

Previously, UK media publication Express found that fridges also affect Wi-Fi connectivity, as they also absorb or interrupt signal.

Virgin Media also warned of the dangers of heat, and that keeping your Modem out of direct sunlight and heat is best for optimal connection speeds.

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