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PlayStation Vs Xbox Game Pass Battle Had To Happen

They’ve never been friends, and now Sony are cranking up the arm-wrestle against Xbox’s ecosystem – Game Pass specifically – with a reported tiered subscription plan going under the enigmatic code name of Spartacus.

With word on the electronic street pinning it for the US Spring next year, it will team up the PlayStation subscription services we already know – PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, though the kinda unsuccessful PlayStation Now branding will probably be phased out, as it has generally not stacked up against Game Pass.

Entering the fray, Spartacus is reported to come packing multiple subscription tiers.

The base will offer the same that PS Plus has on the table, which is online multiplayer, and several monthly free games.

The next tier should see access to an extensive range of PS4 games, extending to PS5 titles.

To make the platform more enticing, the third tier should see a streaming library of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games, as well as extended demos.

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