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Pixel 9 Pro Fold Tipped To Be Google’s Next Foldable

Previously, Google launched with two phones in a series, however, it was confirmed a while ago that a smaller Pro device would be joining the upcoming Pixel 9 range.

New reports have revealed a fourth Pixel 9 device could be on its way, and it’s tipped to be the company’s next foldable phone.

According to sources, Google has changed its naming scheme for the upcoming Pixel range:

  • Pixel 9 – codename “tokay”
  • Pixel 9 Pro – codename “caiman”
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL – codename “komodo”
  • Pixel 9 Pro Fold – codename “comet”

The names were confirmed by software built for Google’s 2024 devices.

The device codenamed “comet” was previously referred to as “Pixel Fold 2.”

If Google proceeds with releasing a next-generation foldable as a member of the Pixel 9 series, it would be a complete 180 from the first-generation Pixel Fold.

The first Pixel Fold was announced in May 2023 at Google I/O. It shipped to customers in late June, was equipped with the Tensor G2, a nine-month-old processor, and only gained three years of Android version updates.

Just three months later, in October, Google revealed the Pixel 8 series, which came with an improved SoC, the Tensor G3 processor, and seven years of Android updates.

There were also various exclusive software features, including Magic Editor and support for Gemini Nano LLM.

Leaks claim the 2nd generation Pixel Fold will be skipping the Tensor G3, and use a Tensor G4 chip.

Leaked renders also indicate the Pixel 9 Pro Fold will look similar to other Pixel 9 devices.

A move like this would make Google the only manufacturer to integrate a foldable device into the “main” family of devices.

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