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Pint-Sized PBX Phone System Now In OZ For $129

Pint-Sized PBX Phone System Now In OZ For $129

Built by Speedytel Technology Ltd, a manufacturer of VoIP hardware, the PBX220 is designed for smaller SOHO and home users who need a few extensions rather than a corporate PBX. 
The Speedytel PBX220

It offers a complete replacement for a traditional office telephone system, using your existing network and the Net with VoIP technology instead of regular phone lines or a traditional PBX.

This is designed to save money on line rental, to reduce call costs and maintenance, and to increase efficiency through better communication. 
Supporting up to 16 phone extensions with four concurrent calls, the PBX220 offers a wide range telephony features including the HD (High Definition) communication protocol plus voicemail, IVR support, music-on-hold, and voice-conferencing capacity for as many as eight parties.
PCRange recently signed an exclusive agreement to distribute Speedytel products in Australia and will sell the Speedytel PBX220 through its national reseller network.
PCRange CEO Raaj Menon said “Speedytel’s hardware allows the customer to use any VoIP carrier they like, such as our own SIPTalk service, to get the cost and convenience benefits of VoIP telephony,”

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A schematic showing how the PBX220 is set up to work.

IP phone handsets can be placed anywhere in the home or office, or remotely around the world, and provide one seamless phone network for your business. 

The PBX220 adds another string to the telecoms bow of PCRange which in June launched OnPBX, a cloud-based PBX service that provides cost-effective telephony for larger businesses. PCRange also sells the consumer-focussed SIPTalk Voice over IP (VoIP) service, with untimed 20-cent calls to 50+ countries.