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Peloton Loses Two Important Patents In Court Ruling

In 2019, Peloton sued Echelon Fitness, alleging patent and trade infringement based on its claim on streaming and on-demand exercise classes.

Peloton initially won the case, but now an administrative panel has found the patents shouldn’t have been issued, saying they “cover obvious inventions and are unpatentable.”

Echelon Fitness causes this “a big win.”

“We’ve spent a lot of money fighting these guys,” said Lou Lentine, Echelon CEO.

Lentine said Peloton’s lawsuit was merely “an example of big business trying to intimidate a strong but young competitor.”

Emboldened by the result, Echelon has filed another suit to dismiss a third Peloton-held trademark.

“We’re very confident the patent review board sees a similar position on it,” Lentine said on the upcoming suit, which goes to court in March.

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