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RATS Scatter As Aussie Caught In Blackshades Raid

RATS Scatter As Aussie Caught In Blackshades Raid

Dozens of suspects in several countries have been arrested after homes were raided and computers seized by authorities.

The AFP has been working for months with the FBI and US federal prosecutors to bring – the international criminal ring of hackers.

An Australian told a hacker forum he “just got swatted” at his house where police seized three laptops and a PC. There were similar reports from Germany the Netherlands and Britain.

At the time of publishing it was not clear how many Australians were raided or if any were arrested. Results of the US operation will be announced today in New York.

Blackshades is a remote administration tool or RAT that allows hackers to take control of victims’ computers steal their passwords and personal information. The hackers can use the hijacked computer’s webcam to spy on their victim.

Armed with the stolen information the hackers then send ransom threats to the victims.

Blackshades software was originally developed to allow users to access a computer away from home but a more sinister side has emerged in which it was sold on an online hacking site for +to US$100. The site has been taken -. 

Computer security company Symantec recorded thousands of Blackshades infections last year. Rival Trend Micro says the software is one of hundreds of hacking tools for sale in what it calls a “robust online arms bazaar”. 

The cybersecurity firm says the elite hackers have evolved to become developers of crime kits which are sold to a growing market.