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Pawport Reveals How To Smarten Up Existing Pet Doors at CES

The unique Pawport motorized pet door cover has been showcased at CES 2024 and is made for animal lovers that want to protect their homes with the product stays closed until the door automatically opens when a pet wearing the connected collar tag approaches.

Pawport is programmed with its accompanying smartphone app and was designed to ensure a pet owners home remain secure by allowing users to control the door remotely.

Users can also set curfew times, and issue voice commands with Siri, Alexa or Google.

Pet owners will also get to use pet tracking in the app that shows pet data, such as when a pet is walking into and away from home.

For pet owners with older fur babies, Pawport has the innovative option of a ramp that helps elderly pets navigate their way to their pet door.

Despite its sleek look, the Pawport was built with steel and aluminum and by adding deadbolt lock, the elevated doggie door should act as a pretty decent deterrent of wildlife like raccoons and coyotes. To ensure the Pawport is powered up, it runs off a swappable battery packs or solar charging panels.

There also LED lights and different looks to choose from inclusive of napa oak, glacier, expresso, and brushed nickel.

Pawport will begin shipping products around the second quarter of 2024, but some products are now available for preorder. Pricing and availability in Australia have not yet been announced.

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