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Patent Troll Targets Apple, After Suing Belkin, Netgear, ASUS, And Others

XR Communications is what is known in the industry as a patent troll.

These companies search for and purchase patents filed years ago – with the sole aim of then turning around and suing massive tech companies who have utilised similar technology in the subsequent years to make a fortune.

The goals differ, but the ultimate outcome is to receive an out-of-court settlement from a company who wishes to quickly make such suits go away.

As Patently Apple — who specialise in reporting on patents — point out, XR Communications has in the past sued Comcast, Netgear, ASUS, Belkin, Cisco, Aruba Networks, and others for ‘patent infringement’.

Now, they are targeting Apple.

The patent in question was filed back in 2003, under the name ‘Directed Wireless Communication’.

An abstract of the filing reads: “In an implementation of directed wireless communication, a multi-beam directed signal system coordinates directed wireless communication with client devices.

“A transmit beam-forming network routes data communication transmissions to the client devices via directed communication beams that are emanated from an antenna assembly, and a receive beam-forming network receives data communication receptions from the client devices via the directed communication beams.”

XR Communications acquired and re-registered the patent in July, 2020, seemingly for the purpose of lawsuits such as this against Apple. In this suit XR is acting on behalf of company Vivato, who is listed in the suit as the Plaintiff.

The lawsuit claims a long list of Apple products infringe on this patent by using “multiple-input, multiple-output” technology.

XR Communications is asking for a permanent injunction, plus damages, costs, expenses, and pre and post judgement interest.

The case was filed on June 16.


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