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Patent Reveals New Motorola Razr Secrets

One of the greatest ever early smartphones, the Motorola Razr which was launched in 2004 could be back on sale in Australia late this year if sales in the USA go well.

Lenovo who acquired the Motorola brand is planning to relaunch the Razr with a new processors and an OLED screen and a new patent lodged with World Intellectual Property Organisation has delivered the first real glimpse at the rumoured new Motorola Razr and it appears not much other than components have changed.

It even looks that Lenovo can get away with using some of the old manufacturing templates with the new device looking similar to the iconic flip phone, complete with folding screen on the inside and another, smaller display on the outside of the device.

Sketches of the device show that it would keep some of the familiar elements of the 2000s-era Razr, like the large chin at the bottom of the phone, as well as the hinge allowing it to flip open and closed.

There is also a screen on the top half of back panel, so that users can view updates when the device is shut.

The keyboard that was once located below the inside display is now replaced with an extra-long screen.

The patent was filed by Motorola Mobility, the smartphone division formerly owned by Motorola, but purchased by Lenovo in 2014.

Currently Lenovo is working with USA carrier Verizon to launch the device next month with carriers in Australia telling ChannelNews that they believe there is a market for the new device in Australia.

The device has an exceptional history in Australia.

After being released in 2004 the Razr V3 was described as an ultra-high-end phone, I was lucky to get one of the first reviews of this device. At the time it was described as “Absolutely gorgeous”…”Thin as its name”. “Screen attracts grease…not a great camera”

The conclusion at the time ” Motorola Moto Razr V3 is the ultimate see-and-be-seen phone for style mavens who don’t care about price”.

The device sold for $499 which is cheap compared to Apple’s pricing today.

In 2005, Motorola dropped the price of the V3, causing it to sell 50 million units by 2006. In 2007, Motorola releases the V3’s successor, called the Razr2. It featured a 2mm thinner body and a micro-USB charger that could also be used to connect a headset.

In 2007 Nokia came into the market with a new smartphone offering and demand for the Razr died.

At this stage Lenovo plans to manufacture 200,000 units, and as for the price, it will be over A$2,000.

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