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Panasonic’s Aero-PTZ Security Camera Operates In Extreme Conditions

Panasonic’s new pan-tilt-zoom Aero-PTZ security camera is designed for operation in severe weather conditions, from rain and snow to extreme temperatures and gale-force winds.

Panasonic states that the camera, sporting a 360-degree aerodynamic spherical design which minimises interference drag for visual stability in winds of up to 135 mph, is designed for applications at height and at sea, on ports, piers and bridges.


A radius bodyline helps deter snow and dirt build-up, while a lightweight, fibreglass body provides “excellent strength and is resistant to corrosion from exposure to wet conditions such as sea sprays”.

Hybrid image stabilisation tech and gyro-sensors minimise the impact of external vibrations, while “active sense” technology responds to external conditions, initiating built-in wipers to keep the lens clear in rain and snow, a heater, ensuring internal electronics are operating at the optimal temperature, and a defroster, keeping the viewing lens clear.

A Video Stability Augment System provides “for exceptional image stabilisation, virtually eliminating camera shake”, with the Aero-PTZ having high-wind load durability of 60 m/s.

The Aero-PTZ is equipped with full-HD resolution at 60 fps with a 30x optical zoom lens, with its sphere pan-tilt mechanism providing endless 360-degree panning and a +/- 90-degree tilt range, and comes with optional long-range IR LED capability for low-to-no-light conditions of up to around 150 metres

It is IP67 rated, meaning it is both water and dust-proof, and is vandal-proof to IK10 standards, operating in conditions from -50 to +55 ºC.

“The Aero PTZ is the most environmentally rugged security camera on the market, capable of withstanding more extreme conditions than ever before,” Daniel Sultana, Panasonic Australia group manager, security, commented. “The camera is ready for any installation and will reliably produce sharp, crisp images, whatever the weather.

“It is ideal for a variety of applications, including ports, transit, airports, city surveillance, highways, or any location that is prone to severe natural weather conditions, or other factors that might wreak havoc on the operation and reliability of a typical video surveillance camera.

“The camera’s wide operating temperature and rugged construction means it’s resilient in Arctic-to-desert climate ranges.”

Panasonic is previewing the Aero-PTZ at the Australian Security Industry Association Limited exhibition at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 20 – 22 July, with the camera to be available in Australia in late 2016.

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