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Panasonic Reveals New Quad Door Refrigerator Range

Panasonic has revealed a new refrigerator range that can be customised and has larger interiors.

The PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models have two new fresh food compartments, with variable temperature control that Panasonic claims extends the life of food.

The new design is similar to the highly popular Hitachi range, which also comes from a Japanese manufacturer.

Ricardo Damiani, Product Marketing Manager for Appliances at Panasonic said, “Our new PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models are a perfect extension to our premium Refrigerator range and give families more freedom and flexibility in how they store their food.”

“We believe the new dual Prime Fresh compartments are the Refrigerator’s ‘secret ingredient’, helping households create the perfect gourmet spread for their guests and tabling food that is as fresh and nutritious as the day it was purchased. Including other smart features like automatic ice making, rapid freezing, and Panasonic’s SmartApp+, the Quad Door Refrigerator is the perfect solution for entertaining without waste.”

The fridge features a variable temperature control between -5oC and 4oC, allowing for the temperature to be set for each dish/food separately, and ‘soft freezing’ capabilities prevent deterioration.

The drawer in the middle section maintains up to 90% humidity, perfect for retaining moisture and keeping foods fresh for longer.

The Prime Freeze drawer in the freezer section removes heat, cools food, and is able to freeze it 5x faster than a standard freezer.

It has moveable trays, door pockets, a wine rack, and a flexible divided ice box. The automatic ice box can hold over 500 ice cubes and comes with a divider for extra space. There is a ‘Quick Chill’ feature which cools drinks in 15 minutes, as well as a water dispenser.

These Quad Door models are supported by Panasonic’s SmartApp+, allowing the user to control the fridge through their smartphone. It can switch to energy-saving mode when consumers leave the home, and will notify them if the door is left open. These models have a 4.5 star energy rating.

There are two versions, NR-XY680LVSA and the NR-XY680LVKA. The NR-XY680LVSA Quad Door is available with a stainless steel finish, where as the NR-XY680LVKA Quad Door has a dark stainless steel finish.

Both are available from selected consumer electronics retailers beginning late September 2023, with the NR-XY680LVSA retailing for $4,069.00, and the NR-XY680LVKA retailing for $4,289.00.

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