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Panasonic Launch “Fastest” Shavers Yet

Panasonic has launched what it calls its “best and fastest” electric shavers to date to the Australian market.

The ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q features a five-blade cutting system, new five-direction shaver head and optimised shaving sensor to detect beard density.

Both crafted with Japanese Blade Technology, the stainless-steel blades are rust resistant and are angled at the optimum cutting edge of 30 degrees.

According to Panasonic, both models are the fastest electric shavers it has ever created, based on 70,000 cross cutting actions per minute.

It comes with an ultra-fast 14,000 Cuts Per Minute (CPM) linear motor, which Panasonic says will provide a “close and clean shave every time, with no power loss or missed whiskers – even when shaving thick beards”.

The comb blade cuts longer whiskers, the quick-lift foil lifts and cuts lying whiskers at the root, while the finishing foil cuts stubborn whiskers.

Tory Rooney, Panasonic Australia’s product marketing manager for personal care, says the company is thrilled to offer the its latest in grooming technology to the Australian market.

“Designed for the best possible shaving experience, our products give men what they deserve – a precise, close and gentle shave for unbeatable results,” Rooney said.

“Our latest models are also Panasonic’s fastest and most contour-hugging shavers to date, proving our commitment to continually innovating and helping make grooming simple yet efficient for men.”

Both shaver models can be used wet or dry and come with a pop-up trimmer for quick pre-shave cutting or detailed grooming.

The models also have an in-built smart travel lock and come complete with a soft carry case.

The ES-LV9Q is available is charcoal grey and metal, while the ES-LV6Q comes in a silver metallic finish.

Both the ES-LV6Q and the ES-LV9Q are now available from the Shaver Shop and via selected retailers from August.

The ES-LV6Q will cost $599.95, while the ES-LV9Q will come with a $649.95 price tag.

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