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Pop Up Home Office Rolled Out By Panasonic

Panasonic has capitalised on the growing tide of long-term remote workers by launching a work-from-home office-style cubicle, catering to the ‘new normal’ post COVID19.

The news comes as a plethora of tech companies such as Twitter and Atlassian welcome staff to work-from-home indefinitely, creating a niche for functional work-from-home products.

Panasonic’s office-style cubicle is designed to install at home, and will retail for around US$835, releasing next month in Japan. Local pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

The forthcoming Panasonic Komoru appears to be an aesthetically pleasing take on the traditional office cubicle, and incorporates a desk with wooden pegboards.

The item is designed to fit in and blend seamlessly within a person’s apartment or living room.

According to a survey commissioned by Panasonic, around 70% agree they would like to work-from-home after the coronavirus pandemic, however, over 50% are operating a ‘home office’ from the living room.

The Panasonic Komoru pledges around 1 metre of portioned ‘office space’, and seeks to separately living areas without too much clutter.

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