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Panasonic Introduces New Cordless Phone Designed For Users With Hearing Loss

Panasonic has launched its KX-TGM420 Series amplified cordless phone system in Australia, designed to provide “easy and improved communications for anyone affected by hearing loss”.

The KX-TGM420 features a voice volume up to 40 dB, making caller voices easier to hear, and its base unit can be set to ring at up to 112 dB, while its Slow Talk feature “slows the speed of speech in real time and when checking voice messages”.


Bright red LED visual ringers on the base unit and handset flash when there is an incoming call, providing visual support, with the KX-TGM420 also compatible with hearing aids.

The KX-TGM420 features a white-backlit 1.8″ LCD and a big keypad, while large buttons on the base unit provide a choice of six tones, designed to improve the audibility of a range of different voice types, with there also being one-touch dial buttons marked 1-3, providing for numbers to be saved and recalled automatically.

Noise Reduction suppresses background noise interference, while nuisance calls can be avoided with Talking Caller ID and Call Block (up to 250 numbers). Also included is Talking Dial and Talking Phonebook, guiding users through calls.

The KX-TGM420, which can be expanded with the option of up to six full-featured handsets, is equipped with an additional rechargeable battery in the base unit, keeping users connected when the power goes out, with both batteries providing power for up to 12 hours of use and up to eight days standby when fully charged.


“This phone will give greater peace of mind and confidence to the hearing impaired and their carers,” Samantha Dawson, Panasonic product marketing manager, cordless phones, commented.

“The amplification features ensure you won’t be frustrated by missed calls or inaudible callers, and the large, well-lit and easy-to-use controls make the phone simple to manage.”

The KX-TGM420 single handset is available now, priced at $129.95 RRP, the KX-TGM422 twin handset will be available in December, priced at $179.95 RRP, and the KX-TGMA412 additional handset will also be available in December, priced at $99.95 RRP.

Further information can be found here.

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