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Oz Company Challenge Dyson

Omega Altise has launched its Australian engineered Aura Fan with a patent-pending airflow design that competes directly with Dyson when it comes to keeping cool this summer.

Competing directly with Dyson’s $399 bladeless fan technology, the Aura from Omega Altise presents a more affordable option.

Costing $299, the new fan will be available in Black, White, Blue and Mint.

The Dyson bladeless fan model at $399 is $100 more expensive than the new Omega Altise model.

Featuring a 150mm impeller inside the barrel shape design the impeller increases air pressure to produce a stronger and more targeted stream of air.

Perforated acoustic liners ensure fan noise is reduced to 65dB, while also enhancing overall performance in the Australian designed machine. 

Omega Altise has spent three years producing the patent-pending design for the brushless airflow technology.

The Aura fan sports 80 degrees of automatic oscillation left and right, with 40 degrees of manual tilt.

A hidden remote control unit controls the Aura with six fan speed settings to select from.

Shriro Australia seasonal general manager Anthony Hill describes the Aura as combining both elegance and performance ‘to provide a solution to meet cooling needs over the harsh Australian summer’.

‘The airflow technology is powered by a quiet, brushless DC motor to deliver a targeted flow of air with minimal power consumption’.

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