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OZ Bluestream Cracks US Market With RTI Deal

Blustream which is a standalone Company owned by the directors of Melbourne based Qualifi has cracked the giant US market with their highly popular Bluestream range of products.

Recently the Company announced that they have signed a strategic partnership with RTI to launch a US division focused on sales, service, and distribution of the Companies line-up of HDBaseT, video-over-IP and HDMI distribution products.

“After six years of building an international footprint — with our solutions used in mission-critical installations worldwide — we are ready to bring Blustream to the US market,” Bluestream founder and general manager Martyn Shirley says.

“And we are thrilled to be partnering with RTI to build our US operations and introduce Blustream to US integrators.”

The new division will serve both the residential and commercial segments.

Blustream offers a wide range of innovative solutions designed for the systems of today and tomorrow, from matrixes to multi-format presentation switchers and more. The company’s philosophy is to make advanced features standard, such as enabling 4K 18Gbps 4:4:4 resolutions across primary Blustream HDMI and HDBaseT products sold in the US.

The Blustream Multicast UHD distribution platform uses lossless compression technology to deliver virtually latency-free HDMI video up to 328 feet over a 1Gb network switch.

“It’s not just about the products and the specs, but the service and support we provide to the integrators installing our products,” Blustream director of sales US Jason Dominique says.

“RTI has always held this commitment, and that’s why our partnership in the new Blustream US is the right move to deliver on the Blustream promise of AV distribution without compromise.”

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