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+1GB: Virgin Bump Up Data

+1GB: Virgin Bump Up Data Virgin gives 1GB extra internet data on all $40 plans and over. The offer means most users on $40 plans have treble the data allowance, which was originally 500MB.   

The 1GB Bonus Data Deal runs from today 13 January – 28 February, but the 1GB bonus is for the life of the mobile plan. 

The move was prompted by customer feedback which showed the importance of Internet allowances and data rates, a spokesperson said. 
Mobiles on offer on Virgin’s $40 and over plans include iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S3 4G and Sony Xperia Z1. The deal also includes BYO plans. 

Virgin are also plugging the Samsung S3, available for $0 upfront on the $40 plan over 2 years.  

Customers signing up for the 1GB Bonus Data Deal on a $40 Plan will receive: $450 calls, texts & 1.5 GB data per month, including 1GB bonus. 

Additional Internet data costs 20.5c per MB.