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Origin Energy Say EVs Will Cause Mass Blackouts In Australia

A new Australian-only study powered by Origin Energy found that the uptake of electric vehicles could overload the grid and plunge our cities into darkness.

According to the study, over 60 per cent of participants were charging their EVs from 5pm to 6pm, plugging directly into a standard wall socket, rather than a smart charger.

Given this already falls within peak time for electricity usage in Australia, the extra charge of millions of EVs in the future could be dire.

“Without incentives and regulatory policies that encourage smart charging, that’s what’s going to happen when mass-market adoption takes off; you’re going to have all these EVs that are being charged that cannot be enrolled onto smart-charging programs or cannot be managed,” Origin’s head of e-mobility, Chau Le said.

“We do expect that will cause constraints on the network and the wholesale market, if it’s not managed properly.”

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