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Optus & Vodafone TPG Gamble With Huawei Gear Claims Former US National Security Advisor

Optus and Vodaphone TPG are risking the security of their customers after John Bolton the former national security advisor to the US federal Government warned Australians that the Chinese can spy on Companies and governments and individuals that have Huawei equipment installed in their businesses and in homes.

Both Optus and TPG are openly installing high risk Huawei networking gear into hundreds of businesses in Australia without any warning to their customers of the risks associated with the installation of Huawei networking products.

One exposed service is TPG fibre 400 service that uses Huawei routers to connect their fibre networks to offices and apartment blocks.

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review Donald Trump’s former national security adviser commended the early actions of Australia and New Zealand Governments in banning Huawei from building next-generation broadband networks because of security concerns.

Now the UK Government is set to ban the Chinese Company with links to the Chinese Communist Government, their spy agencies, and the Chinese military from the communication networks.

Mr Bolton’s remarks coincide with a hardening in UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s position over Huawei’s involvement in the UK market.

Bolton said, “I don’t want to see our critical national infrastructure at risk of being in any way controlled by potentially hostile state vendors,”.

When asked why ban Huawei from rolling out 5G equipment after they were allowed to roll out 4G networks for Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone TPG.

“It really is because of the distributed nature of fifth-generation communications. It’s not like earlier generations where you have centres and concentrations that you need to protect, and the peripheries are less important.

“Because it’s distributed there are less nodes and peripheries – that’s why it’s faster.

“That means if they’re in a piece of it – and it’s not just the hard equipment, it’s the software too – once they’re in part of it their damage can spread throughout,” he said.

“And not just in secret communications; not just in government communications, but in commercial communications – or just personal communications.”

In an example of Beijing’s willingness to intrude, Mr Bolton said China broke into the United States Office of Personnel Management, the government’s human resources agency, to steal the government’s records for tens of millions of workers.

“So, my personal records and lots of other peoples are in Beijing – meaning every FBI investigation I’ve ever gone through.”

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