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Optus Makes Its First International 5G Video Call

5G smartphones are set to dominate 2019 and Optus are getting ready, partnering with Singtel and Ericsson to successfully make an end-to-end 5G video call with Augmented Reality (AR) between Singapore and Australia.

Telstra previously made the first 5G to 5G video call from Sydney to the Gold Coast back in December 2018.

Major smartphone manufacturers have already committed to releasing a 5G smartphone in 2019, including Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, and ZTE. Apple’s 5G device won’t launch until 2020.

Telstra and Optus have both committed to selling commercial 5G services in 2019, with Telstra securing a contract to sell the recently announced Samsung S10 5G.

The 5G call was made using OPPO 5G test devices equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modems on 3GPP-compliant 5G networks in both countries.

This same Qualcomm modem is expected to show up in many other 5G devices including HMD Global (Nokia), OnePlus, and ZTE.

What set this call apart in 5G testing was the use of AR on the real-time video call, making instant on-screen annotations.

AR offers an immersive communication experience which has potential uses for on-the-job training, remote assistance, immersive gaming, holographic calls, and virtual tactile shopping.

Last month Optus announced plans to introduce its 5G Home Broadband product to Australian consumers, and its CEO Allen Law claims this “ground-breaking 5G inter-country AR video call” has proven Optus’ “commitment to lead 5G delivery in Australia.”

“The success of this video call using 5G test devices and AR in a multi-party environment brings us a step closer to having our mobile broadband experience transformed with a mere click,” says  Martin Wiktorin, Country Head, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines, Ericsson.

According to a Consumer and Industry report conducted by Ericsson in 2018, 5G services appears to 76% of smartphone users.

In Australia, Optus and Ericsson are partnering to build 50 new network sites and conduct device testing allowing Optus to deliver a compatible 5G broadband product this year.

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