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Optus Commence 2G Shutdown

Optus is set to formally begin the process of shutting down its older 2G network in the coming weeks, with services in NT and WA to be shut off from April 3.

As previously announced, shutdowns for other regions will be staggered through the coming months with all 2G services expected to be gone by August.

Dennis Wong, Managing Director of Networks at Optus said, “this is the right time for us to step away from 2G. Customer levels using our 2G mobile network, which was first established in 1993, have significantly decreased in recent years as greater smartphone usage and advances in 4G technologies drive customer preferences for mobile data and faster speeds.”

Virgin Mobile and Optus Wholesale service customers will also be affected by the shutdown.

Optus say they have made every effort to help move any stragglers over thee 3G network.

“Our priority has been to prepare our customers for this change and ensure they have sufficient time to upgrade to newer devices. This has involved a range of letters, emails and texts sent over the past 11 months to help them with the transition as much as possible,” said Mr Wong.

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