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Older Aussies Embracing E-Games: Survey Stresses New Maturity

Electronic games are no longer just for the young, it seems. Senior Australians now make up the largest group of new players, according to a new report.

Some 90 percent of the oldies say they play to increase mental stimulation, 80 percent claim video games help fight dementia, and 54 percent agree playing games can help increase mobility, according to the Digital Australia 2018 report, put together by Bond University and the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA).

The research team studied 1234 Australian households and 3350 individuals, and examined the demographics of Australians who play games, along with their play habits, behaviours and attitudes.

The purpose appears to be to gain greater recognition for the games industry – and perhaps set the scene to try coaxing Australian governments to pump some funding into what could become a fruitful arena.

The perception that older Aussies, not just teenagers are taking part, presumably could help establish this in government thinking – and help unlock the funding that’s largely denied to the current practicioners.

Ageing Australians remain engaged, active, connected and mobile, offering many social, health and economic benefits, and opportunities for the games development sector, according to Bond Uni’s Professor Jeff Brand.

“Computer games serve a new and useful purpose. While they continue to entertain, they now also address unmet needs in fields such as education, industry, health and successful ageing,” his report says.

The report estimates that 43pc of Australians aged 65 and over play video games, and females account for 46pc of all players.

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